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Public records requests to Iowa State are posted here twice a month. Posts occur the 1st and 16th day of each month. First-of-the-month posts include requests from the 1st to the 15th day of the previous month. Mid-month posts include requests from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. For example:

  • Aug. 1 post: Includes July 1-15 requests
  • Aug. 16 post: Includes July 16-31 requests

See the Public Records Q&A for details on the law and requesting records from Iowa State. See the Transparency page for ISU news and information sources.

Recent requests

Oct 30 2015

student list

Felicia Horne - Professional Framing Company

Oct 22 2015

Requested copies of the following public records: conflict of interest and commitment (COIC) disclosures for years 2008-2015 from ISU Extension employee Kelvin Leibold.

Mel Campbell

Oct 25 2015

Records related to student discipline hearings by the student discipline committee for individuals or groups involved in hazing incidents with student personal information removed. I only need records dating back the past five years.

Kaitlin Bain - Texas Tech student

Oct 28 2015

A copy of your university pouring rights agreement, in its entirety, including sponsorship, licensing, vending and concessions agreements and any exhibits or modifications that have been made since the initial signing

Rebecca Burkhardt - University of Central Florida

Oct 15 2015

List of greyhounds used for reseach from 2010 to 2015 including names, owners, and who provided them to the school.

Beverly Yates

Oct 27 2015

Requested an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of the employment contracts of head and assistant coaches of Iowa State University athletic teams. Coaches include: Paul Rhoads, Mark Mangino, Wally Burnham, Steve Prohm, T.J. Otzelberger, Daniyal Robinson, Bill Fennelly, Billy Fennelly, Latoja Schaben, and Jamie Pollard.

Zach Kleiman

Oct 27 2015

student list

Laura Fay - University West Properties

Oct 26 2015

Requested drug testing and discipline policies in correspondence to the Iowa State University Athletics Department policies/penalties.

Luke Meredith - Associated Press Sports Writer

Oct 26 2015

student list

Alex Raymond - Uber Technologies

Oct 26 2015

student list

Katie Long - Contemporary Services Corporation

Oct 13 2015

Requested budget of Student Government for the past four acedemic years.

Dan Carney - Research for student affairs class

Oct 26 2015

Requested access to and a copy of a complete list of case numbers of alcohol and drug violations for years 2011-2014, and the 2015 Clery Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report.

Tara Jeffries - Student Press Law Center

Oct 23 2015

student list

Paul Himmelfarb - Society of Collegiate Leadership and Achievement

Oct 16 2015

Office Max Product List/Pricing

Carly Kleppe - Director of Brand Experience | Tallgrass Business Resources

Oct 15 2015

copies of all records in your possession -- including but not limited to emails -- related to the following: Iowa State University's chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity

John Hechinger - Education Editor Bloomberg News

Oct 14 2015

women's basketball head and assistant coaches as well as director of operations, complete with salary and additional compensation terms; The amount of revenue generated by your women's basketball program as well as the total expenses -- including staff salaries, travel and fan promotions -- for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 basketball seasons

Aaron Beard - Associated Press

Oct 12 2015

student list

Josh Hewitt - First Fleet Concerts

Oct 12 2015

current base salaries of your football coach and athletic director. I am also requesting a copy of their employment contracts, including any addendums

Curtis Eichelberger

Oct 07 2015

student list

Tyler Peterson - Jensen Group

Oct 06 2015

student list

Mike Lynch - Ames Tribune

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