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Public records requests to Iowa State are posted here twice a month. Posts occur the 1st and 16th day of each month unless dates fall on weekends or holidays. In such cases, posts occur the first workday after scheduled dates. First-of-the-month posts include requests from the 1st to the 15th day of the previous month. Mid-month posts include requests from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. For example:

  • Aug. 1 post: Includes July 1-15 requests
  • Aug. 16 post: Includes July 16-31 requests

See the Public Records Q&A for details on the law and requesting records from Iowa State. See the Transparency page for ISU news and information sources.

Recent requests

Mar 25 2014

Coffee Contract

Cathy Horner - Arbor Day Specialty Coffee

Mar 24 2014

Contract for Men's BB Coach

Jim Baumbach -

Mar 24 2014

Contract for MBB Consultant

Ben Cohen - Wall Street Journal

Mar 20 2014

Information on number of faculty members

Lawrence Swagman -

Mar 19 2014

Settlement agreements

Jason Clayworth - The Des Moines Register

Mar 19 2014

Information on Football Bowl Expenses

Justin Wolin - Rice University

Mar 18 2014

Athletic contracts

Chris Kerford - Kansas City Chiefs

Mar 06 2014

Student Directory

Lauren Mills - IowaWatch - The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism

Mar 06 2014

NCAA Financial Report

Lauren Nevidomsky -

Mar 06 2014

Information of RFP 62676

Ed Koufer - QCI

Mar 04 2014

campus police records and policies

Sara Agnew - Iowa City Press-Citizen

Mar 04 2014

2014 admitted students

Shanil Wazirali -

Feb 28 2014

Athletics Employment Contract

Allison Pruitt - Oklahoma State University

Feb 27 2014

Athletics Employment Contract

Jarilyn Blaine - Oklahoma State University

Feb 09 2014

Textbook List

Jared Hoff

Feb 24 2014

Information on academic majors of scholarship athletes

Brian Boehler - HBO Sports

Feb 14 2014

emails, other documents containing specific words

Gavin Aronsen - Ames Tribune

Feb 13 2014

Information on Proposed Convention Center at Scheman

Gavin Aronsen - Ames Tribune

Feb 12 2014

Information on SAT/ACT scores and assessment tests for student athletes

Brian Boehler - HBO Sports

Feb 05 2014

Records relating to Pi Kappa Phi

Makayla Tendall - Iowa State Daily

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