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Public records requests to Iowa State are posted here twice a month. Posts occur the 1st and 16th day of each month. First-of-the-month posts include requests from the 1st to the 15th day of the previous month. Mid-month posts include requests from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. For example:

  • Aug. 1 post: Includes July 1-15 requests
  • Aug. 16 post: Includes July 16-31 requests

See the Public Records Q&A for details on the law and requesting records from Iowa State. See the Transparency page for ISU news and information sources.

Recent requests

Aug 29 2018

Contract & Amendments for Head FB Coach and Salaries for all FB Support Staff

Jake Stoutland - A1 Coaches

Aug 28 2018

student list

Meichan Huang - Graduate Research

Aug 28 2018

Records relating to Title IX training procedures, as part of a survey of major colleges and universities across the country

Adam Steinbaugh - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)

Aug 27 2018

Public records regarding Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation (CALT) and Iowa Chapter 202.B; public records related to the Smithfield grant program to enhance the swine industry.

Brian Jarzen

Aug 24 2018

Solicitation, evaluation, list of notified vendors, and obtained specs for RFP 63865

Alan Russo - ePipeline

Aug 24 2018

Correspondence related to Kelly Shaw and the City of Indianola

Abigail Thiel - Simpson, Jensen, Abels, Fischer & Bouslog, P.C.

Aug 20 2018

Emails sent to and from Kevin Dresser, ISU head wrestling coach, between May 20, 2018 and present, August 20, 2018, containing the words “Mike Zadick, fire, dismiss, resign, or terminate”; public records of Mike Zadick’s contract with Iowa State.

Trevor Holbrook - Iowa State Daily

Aug 20 2018

Documents for an investigation that was conducted with the Office of Equal Opportunity, e.g. a final report, that involves an Iowa State University student.

Paul Fatkins

Aug 20 2018

All proposals, winning contract, and evaluation sheet for RFP 63226

Rose Santos - FOIA Group

Aug 19 2018

student list

Eric Warren - International Friendship Connection

Aug 17 2018

Public records that list the following directory information: names and university email addresses of all faculty, staff and enrolled students at Iowa State University.

Wes Villaflor - Root Insurance

Aug 17 2018

Current employment contract & salary or, if none, listing of name, compensation, start/end date and most recent outside income report from listing of states Athletics Department employees.

Kevin Cohen - Winthrop Intelligence

Aug 16 2018

Complete salary data (including base salary, summer salary, supplements, research stipends, and bonuses/awards) for teaching and research faculty of the School of Business for FY14 - FY18.

Joseph Matthew Sarji - Virginia Commonwealth University

Aug 16 2018

Public records containing the name "Happe” from October 1, 2016 through August 8, 2018.

Jeff Happe

Aug 16 2018

Athletic Department's Non-commercial flights since Aug 1, 2016; portion of flight expense donated to include date, breakdown, team/coach involved, portion of expense paid by team/coach; Number of donated limo/car services associated with Athletics since Aug 1, 2016 to include date, location, value of donation and donor name

Erin Jordan - The Gazette

Aug 16 2018

student list

Ashley Lekar - Camp Adventure

Aug 15 2018

student list

Samantha Speicher - Barmuda Companies

Aug 13 2018

All submitted responses for RFP 63826

Mike Burns - Advanced Clustering Technologies

Aug 09 2018

All written and electronic correspondence sent to and from the following individuals during the 40-day period from July 1, 2018 through Aug. 9, 2018: Mike Zadick, associate head coach of the Iowa State wrestling program; Kevin Dresser, head coach of the Iowa State wrestling program

Cody Goodwin - Des Moines Register

Aug 07 2018

Performance records of terminated employee John Paul Chaisson-Cardenas showing documented deficiencies.

Courtney Crowder - Des Moines Register

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