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Public records requests to Iowa State are posted here twice a month. Posts occur the 1st and 16th day of each month. First-of-the-month posts include requests from the 1st to the 15th day of the previous month. Mid-month posts include requests from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. For example:

  • Aug. 1 post: Includes July 1-15 requests
  • Aug. 16 post: Includes July 16-31 requests

See the Public Records Q&A for details on the law and requesting records from Iowa State. See the Transparency page for ISU news and information sources.

Recent requests

May 28 2014

commencement speaker costs

Chase Castle - Freelance Writer

May 21 2014

Contracts for ISU Coaches, Administrators, & Staff

Tommy Magelssen - Dallas Morning News

May 20 2014

Contracts for MBB Coaches

Marc Barone - Priority Sports

May 16 2014

Contract for Head FB Coach

Jim Baumbach - Newsday

May 15 2014

Contracts for non-conference FB Games

Allen Taylor -

May 13 2014

Emails and correspondence on fan behavior

Stephan Stevenson - Star-Telegram

May 12 2014

NCAA Financial Report and FB Bowl Expenses

Jared Hopkins - Chicago Tribune

May 09 2014

Emails related to C. Pilson and Psychology Department

Chris Pilson

May 08 2014

Iowa Public Radio contract with fundraising vendor

Kimberly Mitchell - AnswerNet

May 05 2014

Contract information for non-conference MBB games for 2014-2015

Yoni Cohen - Yoco Scheduling

May 05 2014

Employment records

Brooke Timmer - Fielder & Timmer, PLLC

Apr 30 2014

settlement agreements

Chad Brewbaker

Apr 29 2014

NCAA Financial Report

Ben Cohen - Wall Street Journal

Apr 29 2014

Student Attendance for Home FB Games

Ben Cohen - Wall Street Journal

Apr 28 2014

emails between ISU and Rutgers professor

Chad Brewbaker

Apr 18 2014

Student contact information

Ryan Sandling - Cardinal Group

Apr 18 2014

NCAA Compliance Activities

Randy Peterson - Des Moines Register

Apr 17 2014

Information on employment contracts and non-conference FB contracts

Kevin Cohen - Winthrop Intelligence

Apr 17 2014

Contracts for ISU FB Coaches

Randy Peterson - Des Moines Register

Apr 15 2014

Excluded employee list

Ryan Foley - The Associated Press

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