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Public records requests to Iowa State are posted here twice a month. Posts occur the 1st and 16th day of each month. First-of-the-month posts include requests from the 1st to the 15th day of the previous month. Mid-month posts include requests from the 16th to the last day of the previous month. For example:

  • Aug. 1 post: Includes July 1-15 requests
  • Aug. 16 post: Includes July 16-31 requests

See the Public Records Q&A for details on the law and requesting records from Iowa State. See the Transparency page for ISU news and information sources.

Recent requests

Apr 28 2017

correspondence between Iowa State University and Liberty University regarding a football game

Jonathan Manson -

Apr 28 2017

Communications between Liberty University and ISU RE: FB Scheduling

Jonathan Manson

Apr 25 2017

student list

Marcia Dodds - Woodward Academy

Apr 24 2017

student list

Kyle Thomas - Real Estate Service

Apr 24 2017

A listing of all uncashed checks that are five (5) months and older with a dollar amount greater than $500.00

Christopher Carlucci - EMC Solutions

Apr 24 2017

electronic copy of the names and email addresses of all students enrolled during the Spring 2017 term

Christine Haro - Guide Media

Apr 21 2017

Workday contract

Gina Damasco - Florida Gulf Coast University

Apr 20 2017

Employment Agreement for Head Wrestling Coach and Agreements for Non-Conference FB Games between Ohio University, University of Akron, University of Iowa, UNLV, University of North Dakota, and UNI between 2017 and 2035

Kevin Cohen - Winthrop Intelligence

Apr 18 2017

ISU Police body camera policy

Randy Evans - Iowa Freedom of Information Council

Apr 17 2017

An electronic copy of any and all ISU employee records for year of 2016

Rachel Papavasilopoulos - American Transparency

Apr 14 2017

Records related to RFP#63471

Ofer Eckstein - Personnel Planners

Apr 14 2017

Memo and supporting documents re. new funding opportunity with the Koch Foundation

Erin Jordan - The Gazette

Apr 14 2017

Communications between Economics and Koch Foundation; meeting minutes; job posting

Erin Jordan - The Gazette

Apr 13 2017

Contracts that ISU has signed for the Student Innovation Center

Vanessa Miller - Cedar Rapids Gazette

Apr 13 2017

Kristin Failor contract to lobby for ISU and correspondence re. the Iowa Energy Center

Laura Belin - Bleeding Heartland

Apr 10 2017

student list

Juan Veintimilla - Commencement Flowers

Apr 10 2017

Employment Agreements for MBB Head Coach and Assistant/Associate Coaches

Rand Sacks - The Sacks Group, LLC

Apr 10 2017

Employment Agreements for Athletics Director and MBB Head Coach

Ray Cella - Gazelle Group, Inc.

Apr 07 2017

Contract Amendment for Head MBB Coach

Andrew Noonan

Apr 05 2017

student list

Samuel Schaecher - Joy Run, Inc.

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